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Dernière Demeure Internationale

What is DDI?

DDI is a global social organization working to promote mutual aid and solidarity among members. The main objective is to support the grieving family in making arrangements to ensure the deceased member finds their final resting place. Created in Canada by a group of people dedicated to the dignity that deceased members deserve. DDI is a registered Quebec Non-Profit Organization (NPO) (#1174058827) since October 25, 2018.

How DDI works?

DDI contacts its others members each time one of their registered member in its network dies in order to collect their contribution. The contribution is to fund the repatriation of the deceased member's body to their home. The amount of the contribution of each member decreases as the number of active members of the network increases.

Why DDI?

The management of human loss is very painful. DDI is the answer to this real problem for all human beings. DDI activates its network that supports the relatives of the missing member during the time of death. DDI gathers the resources of its members and supports the family of the deceased member with dignity toward their place of eternal rest.

Member statistics

QPI: $CAD 1.73 by member








To act

otherwise in front of the loss of the members of the community.


the possibility for the family to experience the means to mourn with confidence and without stress.


the funerals worthy according to the desires of the deceased and / or the family.


deathless contribution


the number decreases the contribution

To offer

the same service to all members of the network without distinction.


the whole community around a human cause: death.


in the community of humanitarian and philanthropic gestures and behaviors.



the financial burden of the association or the family directly tested by calling the entire community to contribute.

To bring

a lasting solution to the financial difficulty posed by the death of an African from the diaspora.


the funeral service partners deploy as stipulated in the agreement.

To encourage

individuals to come out of isolation to facilitate their integration and strengthen solidarity.


A large number of members to facilitate repatriation operations

To work

Together to facilitate the repatriation or execution of the last wishes of the deceased.


more dignity and respect for the treatment of members' remains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions



repatriation to the homeland or the execution of the last will of the deceased.


the family in the follow-up of the administrative procedures, if necessary, in order to obtain the death certificate, the travel documents, the life insurance and the pension of the disappeared.